Welcome to the Fairfax Eye Center online!

Dr. Hartzell is a board certified ophthalmologist with extensive experience in refractive and cataract surgery. Practicing ophthalmology since 1997, Dr. Hartzell is excited to have established Fairfax Eye Center in January 2008.

Our Services
We offer patients the following services:
Advanced Cataract Surgery
Refractive Surgery (LASIK, PRK, PTK, NearVisionCK)
Annual eye exams/routine eye care
Contact Lens exams
Corneal Transplantation
Diabetes and Glaucoma diagnosis and management
Dry Eye care
Rosacea and other inflammatory diseases of the eye
Emergency eye care/ trauma care
Noninvasive cosmetic procedures (Botox and dermal fillers)

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide state of the art ophthalmology care with compassion. You will see your eye physician at each office visit to ensure excellence in the medical and surgical treatment of your eyes. We take seriously our responsibility to educate patients about their individual eye care needs. Patient education combined with the care you receive at Fairfax Eye Center is the key to your treatment success.

Patients of all ages are welcome.

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